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We all know the day-to-night struggle. Sometimes there’s just not enough time to go home, put on your favorite record, and spend a leisurely half-hour getting ready for dinner or drinks – you have to do the best you can with one all-day-long look. It’s always difficult to plan that perfect outfit that can withstand 8 hours at work, a 5 PM deadline, and then still feel fresh when it’s time to go out. For a concept that has (presumably) been around since women entered the workforce, why isn’t it a bit easier to master? What’s the secret to that elusive look?

We all struggle with the logistics of this, and in the real world, there are a few camps. The first: Simply lug your night look to work in a backpack and change in the bathroom. The second: Look a bit too glam for work but drop-dead in low restaurant lighting. The third: Wear exactly what you wore to work and maybe swipe on some lipstick. This calls for simplicity, for not going too far overboard, and is also the hardest to get right.

We’re here to say, definitively, you can do it. But it all comes down to the shoes. You’ll need a heel that doesn’t feel like a heel – a strappy leather one with a modern (and very stable) block heel, which you can walk in for up to 12 hours (and beyond!). Then pair it with some high-power work looks that read as intentionally “corner office” over cocktails. Who knows, maybe you’ll even slip in some networking. Read on for our styling advice.


The blazer is back, particularly in oversized iterations. Is this our Hilary Clinton moment? Do we even need to justify it? Blazers look just as good over a tailored pair of pants and a tee as they do with midi skirts. Pair with our Claudette heel, which features a soft foam insole and thick sole for all-day walking, as well as an LA-inspired silhouette that looks perfectly professional at the office and cool at the bar.


For the office, a boxy collared shirt is always a good call, but go for one that is silky and bold, and leave a bit unbuttoned for both day and night. Pair with slimming pants and our Macayla caged heel, which adds a bit of drama to this menswear-inspired look, and is also cushioned with foam for easy wearing.

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