How to Take Fluff from Day to Night – This is UGG

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California is a state of contradiction: it’s both wild and urban at the same time. That’s why we love it here. Our new fluff sandals capture that idyllic California feeling: magic light, ocean air, wispy clouds, road trips to the desert, and weekends in the city. Long summer days with no plans, when all you need is a car, a camera, and a friend or two.

These sandals are also inspired by the culture and style of Los Angeles, from the old-school glamour of Hollywood to the contemporary art scene downtown. It’s this mix of street and softness that makes them perfect for any day-to-night look. Wrapped with plush sheepskin or yarn, our fluffy sandals are light enough for hot days and warm enough for cooler nights – and there’s no need to mess with heels.

We’ve styled our favorite slides for an entire weekend of activities. These easy day outfits transition to nighttime with bold colors and shimmery fabrics. Wear them anywhere – to work, by the pool, out at a music festival – they’ll always get compliments and add some California magic to your look.

DAY 1: Friday – Fluff

When you’re dreaming of the weekend but there’s still a whole day of work in front of you, pair your favorite summer dress with a tee for an office or school-appropriate look, then add our fluffy, minimal Joni sandal and a sheepskin-edged backpack to lighten the mood. Freedom is hours away.

Night 1: Dinner Party

Ease into the weekend with a whimsical, button-down romper in shimmery satin and the Joni slide. It’s a perfectly laid-back look to sit around and catch up with friends over dinner, while still being ready for any last-minute plans or events.

Day 2: Slow Saturday

Wake up slow, brew a pot of coffee, and do all the things you wish you had more time for – whether that’s reading a book at the top of your list or having a friend over to make brunch. Our soft sheepskin Holly sandal lends a rock-n-roll edge to any look, and is perfect for easy mornings with jeans, a tee, and an oversized cardigan.

Night 2: Lights and Music

Change into some shimmery pants, fluffy shoes, and a black tank for a statement-making night look that transitions from an early dinner to a show. The Holly is ideal for walking around the city with its super-lightweight and flexible sole.

Day 3: Low-Key Leisure

Slip on the Cindi sandal to spend your Sunday laid out by the pool, getting in some much-needed down time before the week starts. With a burst of yarn, it’s playful and okay to get a bit wet.

Night 3: Happy Hour

Transition from your lounge chair to one last casual night out with bright, flowy pants, a little crop top, and fluff accessories like statement-making earrings and our Cindi sandal.

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