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Fashion Baby is a collection that celebrates the California woman’s spirit and style. This woman is a mix of glamour and grunge. She can be a tomboy or ultra-feminine depending on her mood and the occasion.

Inspired by this dichotomy, we built on the iconic silhouettes of our Coquette slipper and Classic boot by adding statement sheepskin, oversized patches, and eye-catching details that reference West Coast culture and landscape.

Bold, whimsical, and uniquely UGG, this collection marks a new expression of the brand – one that is true to our roots, but novel and disruptive in its approach. In our first release, we’re sharing the inspiration behind our Shag It Crazy line. We sat down with our Senior Designer Director for Women’s, Helene Frain to learn more about the glamorous and rock-and-roll aesthetic that fueled the design decisions behind Shag It Crazy.

We know the entire Fashion Baby collection is based off glamour and grunge. What exactly inspired this dichotomy?

We really have two sides to our girl and customer. She can be a tomboy and also a girly-girl, so we wanted to play with that dichotomy, because a lot of women want to embody both of those personas in their life. They love their girly-girl pieces, but they also feel like bringing out the punk and the edge out at times.

Can you give us a bit of background to the color scheme?

The colors were inspired by distinct California landscapes. The black, tan and white colorway was inspired by that stark, sandy desert landscape, while the pink, orange, and burgundy colorway was taken from the colors of our dramatic California sunsets. We also wanted each colorway to speak to that girly-girl and tomboy personas. The neutral tones carry a bit of steam-punk edge, while the hot pink and burgundy styles really bring out the feminine and glamorous side.

What’s your favorite piece from the Shag It Crazy collection and how would you wear it? Would you go for an ultra-feminine or tomboy look?

I love the crazy Coquette slide with the juicy pink colors because I relate to those colors a lot. I like the idea of having a girly-girl colorway. But I can also be in the mood for very tomboy looks. I enjoy contrasts, and I think California is about contrasts. Our shoes are about that dichotomy and that’s what I love about them. 

If you could choose one style icon or celebrity to wear the Shag It Crazy collection, who would it be?

I could see Rihanna, Cara Delavigne, or Sasha Lane rocking these styles. I also love model Lola McDonnell, (a part of the UGG Collective this season) who looks so great in the pink Coquette slide.

Do you envision the Shag It Crazy collection extending to more silhouettes other than the Classic and Coquette in the future?

Yes, it has definitely influenced more silhouettes already. The Fashion Baby collection has been infused into our product line for Autumn/Winter18 and Spring/Summer 18 in different ways and with different types of construction. We think the collection has a strong point of view that ties back to our brand roots and DNA, so we definitely want to utilize Fashion Baby as the high-level inspiration for collections to come.

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